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At Harmony we aim to treat each person as an individual. We provide the highest standard of treatments, client personal care & luxury products. Harmony is the place where the only focus will be you!



Harmony – a Touch of Spa is a unique and an exclusive place in the beautiful seaside town Youghal, Co.Cork. The place is designed for all those people who want to feel a touch of relaxation and luxury - even in the middle of a busy day. The place was created with our passion to beauty and spa therapy after 14 years experience in an international beauty industry.
We offer beauty and spa treatments to the highest standards in a soothing, calming and tranquil atmosphere. Our logo is based on the principles of Chinese Ying Yang symbol, colours of Earth and leaves as the pattern of Nature. Beauty is inside us but the secret is to abstract it and to take care of it.
At Harmony we know what the secret is! We understand that our Ying Yang energies might be unbalanced that is why Harmony has been invented as a haven that meets the needs of today’s urban spa go’ers. It is a kingdom for you to slow down and feel safe enough to let go of old habits, drop our armour and begin to listen once again to our heart’s song, and to realize the depth of inspiration and wisdom all around.

Take a step into Harmony to experience an explosion of senses…

We at Harmony look forward to meeting you.


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Harmony – a Touch of Spa offers you:



• Stylish and modern interior

Soothing and relaxing music

Personal and professional service

The highest standard products

Operating hours: 

Monday 10.00 - 5.00

(Open Mondays from June

to September)
Tuesday 10.00 - 5.00
Wednesday 9.30 - 7.00
Thursday, Friday 9.30 - 9.00 

(after 6pm by appointment ONLY)
Saturday 9.30 - 5.00
Closed Sundays (Beauty sleep time) 
and Bank Holiday Mondays.


Harmony a Touch of Spa
Laurraine Murphy &

Gosia Kmicikiewicz


Unit 5, Millennium Court
Foxhole, Youghal Co. Cork